Oklahoma City Drunk Driving Accident Victim’s Lawyer

Few tragedies are more unexpected, more violent and more destructive than an automobile, truck, or motorcycle accident that claims a life or causes serious bodily injury. The aftershocks of such a tragedy shake the lives of family, friends, and co-workers.

The horror is intensified by anger, bitterness, and a desire for justice when the traffic accident was caused by drunk driving, driving while impaired by drugs, or speeding.

Harms and losses include:

  • Astronomical medical bills for accident victims who survive but suffer serious injuries.
  • In the event of a fatality, grief over the loss of a loved one, and the complete disruption of the lives of survivors.
  • Loss of income for injury victims who are in rehabilitation for months or who suffer permanent injuries.
  • Loss of income for survivors who were dependents of someone killed in an accident.

No legal action or jury award can reverse the devastation a traffic accident brings. However, with the help of an experienced personal injury attorney, victims of a car accident can obtain sizeable financial compensation to help with the medical bills, loss of income, and other economic damages.

If the driver who is at fault was insured, you can be sure that the driver’s insurance company has a battalion of attorneys whose job it is to scrutinize every detail of the incident in an effort minimize the payment the insurance company must make. Accident victims need the solid legal representation of a personal injury lawyer to make sure their rights are protected and justice is served.

Hasbrook & Hasbrook has been representing injured parties for more than two decades. The firm today includes two generations of the Hasbrook family, for whom championing the rights of those who have suffered harm is a family tradition.

Fatalities, Drunk Driving, and Speeding in Oklahoma

• Oklahoma has 700 to 750 traffic fatalities every year. 80 to 90 of those traffic deaths occur in Oklahoma County, which includes Oklahoma City and several of its suburbs.

• Alcohol-impaired drivers are involved in about one-third of all Oklahoma traffic fatalities, claiming 200 to 250 lives each year. These are drivers with alcohol above the Oklahoma legal limit of .08% blood-alcohol concentration.

• Speeding is the cause of another one-third of Oklahoma fatalities, accounting for around 200 to 225 fatalities a year on Oklahoma roads and highways.

Putting Our Lives at Risk

Those 200+ drivers who drive while under the influence of alcohol are individuals who willingly break the law and risk all of our lives rather than let a designated driver, a loved one, or a taxi take them to their destination. Statistics show that more than half of drunk drivers continue to drive even after their licenses have been suspended! Oklahoma had 18,980 DUI arrests in 2013.

Those 200+ drivers who drive above the legal speed limit are also willingly breaking the law and risking all of our lives rather than simply obeying the speed limits.

In some cases, other parties share responsibility for the harms and losses you have suffered. Did a bar, restaurant, or store serve or sell alcohol to an intoxicated person or a minor? Did a party host make alcohol available to minors?

Don’t Delay in Contacting an Attorney

One of the biggest mistakes victims of a car crash or other vehicle accident sometimes make is delaying contacting an attorney. We understand that you are in shock and sorrow. We understand that you may be busy with medical treatment and, in the worst cases, funeral arrangements.

However, it is important for your attorney to act quickly to gather information, photographs and witnesses at the scene of the accident. It is important for you to have legal help to make sure you have full access to all of the medical treatment you need. The insurance company’s attorneys will be contacting you quickly to coax you into a settlement you may regret later; you need your own attorney looking out for you and guiding you.

If you or a loved one has been the victim of a traffic accident, including accidents that involve a drunk or drugged driver or a speeding motorist, contact Hasbrook & Hasbrook for a free consultation. We have extensive experience making sure that people like you receive full compensation for what you have suffered and that justice is served if wrongdoing has occurred.

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What to Look for in a Good Car Accident Attorney

  • An attorney with years of experience successfully representing plaintiffs with claims like yours.
  • A team of attorneys working together to provide prompt, professional legal counsel.
  • Attorneys who are familiar with the intricacies of drunk driving law, including DUI (driving under the influence), DWI (driving while intoxicated), APC (actual physical control), child endangerment and DUI manslaughter.
  • Attorneys who have mastered the science of drunk driving cases, including breathalyzers, blood-alcohol measurements and passive alcohol sensors.
  • An attorney who cares about you personally and what you are going through.

The above statements describe Hasbrook & Hasbrook. Contact us today to obtain the legal representation you need.