Do I still have a motorcycle accident case if I wasn’t wearing a helmet?

In Oklahoma, motorcycle riders and passengers over the age of 18 are not required by law to wear helmets. However, this flexibility can make it more difficult to recover compensation after a motorcycle crash. Insurance companies may try to reduce or deny compensation to riders who were not wearing helmets, arguing that their injuries were […]

Am I Required to Give a Recorded Statement to the Insurance Company?

Why Insurance Companies Request Recorded Statements Recorded statements serve a dual purpose. They document your version of the events but also open avenues for misinterpretation or manipulation by insurance adjusters. For example, a casual remark or a detail remembered incorrectly can be leveraged to question your claim’s validity. In contrast, written statements allow for a […]

Hidden Costs of Car Accidents: What Insurance Adjusters Won’t Tell You

After a car accident, victims often focus on immediate needs and overlook potential future costs. Understanding these can make a difference in securing a fair settlement and one that covers all damages. Future Costs to Consider Increases in Health Care Costs The rising cost of healthcare poses a significant concern for auto accident victims. As medical […]

Is It Possible to Receive a Car Accident Settlement Even If I Was Issued a Traffic Ticket?

Fault and Traffic Citations in Oklahoma Car Accidents When car accident negotiations start, determining who is at fault is the first issue the liability adjuster will generally review. In Oklahoma, a traffic citation can be significant evidence for negotiations, but it does not definitively establish fault in an accident. Insurance adjusters, judges, and juries will […]

Strategies For Dealing With Insurance Companies Post-Accident

Dealing with insurance companies after an accident, whether it involves medical bills, car repairs, or home damage, can overwhelm even the most informed customers. However, with the right approach, you can turn insurance frustrations into rewarding outcomes – ensuring you receive what the insurance company rightfully owes you. Free Consult With an Experienced Attorney While […]

Negotiating Your Accident Claim with Liberty Mutual

Evaluate Your Injury Claim Assessing your situation thoroughly before starting the negotiation process with Liberty Mutual is wise. Think of it as preparing for a major exam — the effort you put in beforehand can significantly influence the outcome. Understand the Full Scope of Your Injuries: Take your time with this step. Injuries can sometimes take […]