Oklahoma City Personal Injury Lawyers

Oklahoma City Bus Accident Lawyer

If you suffered an injury in a bus accident, contacting an Oklahoma City bus accident lawyer may be the best way for you to receive the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

Buses are large, heavy vehicles, so accidents involving them can result in catastrophic injuries and even death. When these accidents happen, a compassionate personal injury attorney could help you achieve justice and proper compensation to recover from the pain you endured.

Liability in a Bus Accident Case

Bus accident cases can feature many different at-fault parties that may be liable for damages. The most common is the bus driver, but other parties that may be found liable include the company that owns the bus and the manufacturer that designed the bus.

Factors that may influence which party is liable, include negligent driving, negligence related to inadequate maintenance or background checks, and manufacturing defects. An Oklahoma City bus accident lawyer can help individuals figure out which party or parties may be responsible for the accident.

Establishing Fault

A central topic of a bus accident case is the concept of modified comparative negligence. This means that an injured person may have to be less than 50 percent responsible for their injuries to receive compensation from the at-fault party. If the injured person is deemed to be equally responsible—or more responsible—than the opposing party, they may not be able to recover any compensation.

However, it also means that the injured party may be able to recover compensation even if they were partially responsible. In Oklahoma, an injured party who is considered partially responsible for their injuries may be able to an amount that is proportional to their degree of fault.

Working with an Oklahoma City bus accident attorney can help present an organized argument to the court explaining the liability of the opposing party. This can maximize the chances a claim has of success.

Damages Available in Claims in Oklahoma City

Both economic and non-economic damages may be recoverable in Oklahoma. The more easily understood type of damages is economic damages, which often come with a clear price tag. These include expenses such as doctor’s visits, ongoing medical care costs, and lost wages.

However, non-economic damages can be more difficult to pin down and may include losses such as the injured person’s pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment in life, loss of consortium, and similar deprivations.

It is important to note that Oklahoma places a cap on non-economic damages in most personal injury cases. Unless the at-fault party was willfully malicious, incredibly reckless, or engaged in fraud that led to the injury, the injured person may be able to receive a maximum of $350,000 for their non-economic damages.

Let an Oklahoma City Bus Accident Attorney Help

If you suffered an injury in a bus accident, there is ample help available to you. An Oklahoma City bus accident lawyer can help you figure out who may be responsible for your injuries, how to gather evidence, and which experts to bring into the case to boost your argument. A seasoned attorney may be able to help give you the greatest chance of a positive outcome.

Time is of the essence in bus accident cases, which means you should contact an Oklahoma City bus accident lawyer as soon as possible so that they can begin working on your case.