Is It Possible to Receive a Car Accident Settlement Even If I Was Issued a Traffic Ticket?

Fault and Traffic Citations in Oklahoma Car Accidents When car accident negotiations start, determining who is at fault is the first issue the liability adjuster will generally review. In Oklahoma, a traffic citation can be significant evidence for negotiations, but it does not definitively establish fault in an accident. Insurance adjusters, judges, and juries will […]

Oklahoma Car Window Tint Laws

Applying a tint to your car windows in Oklahoma can enhance the vehicle’s appearance and improve your driving experience by reducing glare and heat. However, adhering to the state’s legal guidelines is important to avoid penalties and ensure your safety on the road. The regulations governing window tinting are outlined in the Oklahoma Administrative Code […]

Am I Liable if My Friend is Driving My Car and Causes an Accident?

The liability of a motor vehicle owner for injuries or damage resulting from the negligent operation of their vehicle by another person hinges on whether the vehicle was used with the owner’s express or implied permission. This principle is not universally applied and is significantly influenced by the permissive use provisions outlined in your insurance […]