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Distracted driving has become a substantial cause of motor vehicle accidents throughout the United States. The rise of cell phone usage while driving has led to thousands of accidents, as have other distracted driving behaviors. If you are injured in an accident due to distracted driving, contacting a Midwest City distracted driving car accident lawyer may be in your best interest.

When drivers intentionally take their eyes off the road, even for a few seconds, they risk causing an accident, especially when traveling at high speeds. The injuries drivers, passengers, and pedestrians can experience in distracted driving accidents can be catastrophic. A car accident lawyer may be able to assist individuals who have suffered injuries due to the negligence of distracted drivers by filing a claim for damages on their behalf.

What Causes Distracted Driving?

Distracted driving includes any activity that takes the attention of drivers away from the primary task of driving. Distractions while driving can be manual, visual, or cognitive distractions, all of which can lead to serious accidents.

Although texting while driving is a significant cause of distracted driving, cell phones are not the only electronic devices that can lead to careless behavior. GPS devices, tablets, MP3 players, satellite radio systems, and laptop computers may distract drivers. Furthermore, drivers can become distracted while driving, eating, drinking, changing the radio station, applying makeup, fixing hair, playing with pets, or joking with passengers. Daydreaming, turning to look at accidents, unusual vehicles, or large crowds of people, can also lead to distracted driving accidents. Uber’s drivers use the app while they drive.

Often, different distractions can combine to make drivers unable to avoid a collision. The sound of an incoming text message or the distraction of children or pets in the back seat can make drivers highly prone to accidents. A distracted driving car accident attorney in Midwest City may be able to help injured drivers explore their legal options and pursue any claims that they may have.

Examples of Distracted Driving Collisions in Midwest City

When distracted drivers cause car accidents, they can be liable for any resulting personal injuries. Evidence of distraction is regularly apparent in such cases as cell phone records, fast food receipts, spills of drinks or food in the vehicle, or other debris in the car.

Distracted drivers may rear-end vehicles in front of them, hit others head-on, or fail to stop at red lights or stop signs. Side-impact or T-bone collisions can also arise from distracted driving accidents.

Injuries sustained in a distracted driving accident may include head injuries, back and neck injuries, broken bones, or more severe injuries like paralysis or brain trauma. When catastrophic injuries occur due to these accidents, seeking the advice of a distracted driving car accident lawyer in Midwest City about potential legal options may be wise.

Consult a Midwest City Distracted Driving Car Accident Attorney

The timeframe in which potential plaintiffs can file a personal injury claim following a motor vehicle accident is limited. Failure to bring a claim within the applicable statute of limitations can result in an inability to recover any compensation for your injuries. As a result, you may find it crucial to contact a Midwest City distracted driving car accident lawyer promptly following a car accident.