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Large commercial vehicles on Midwest City’s roads often have extended blind spots that their drivers must know. If truck drivers fail to take appropriate actions to limit the impact of these blind spots, or if other drivers do not care to remain out of those blind spots whenever possible, serious accidents can result.

If you were injured in an accident related to a truck driver’s blind spot, a Midwest City blind spot truck accident lawyer may be able to help prove that the trucker was the sole party responsible for the accident. A truck accident attorney can help measure your losses and demand appropriate payment in settlement talks and court.

Blind Spot Locations on Commercial Vehicles

Truck drivers must have specialized knowledge and training to operate commercial vehicles. These massive vehicles have blind spots that stretch to all sides of the vehicle and can completely hide smaller passenger cars.

The areas directly to the side and rear of a truck are typical areas where other cars may be hidden from view. Accordingly, truckers must take special care to remain aware of their surroundings to prevent collisions when changing lanes.

Certain commercial vehicles also have blind spots that are unique to their construction. Some trucks are so tall that the driver cannot see what is immediately in front of them, and the same is true for the spaces behind solid trailers.

Even with advanced mirrors, these locations are primary spots for blind spot collisions. A Midwest City blind spot truck accident attorney could help determine if a failure to check a blind spot contributed to causing a crash.

Comparative Negligence in Midwest City

In most civil cases, plaintiffs may pursue compensation using a cause of action called negligence. However, courts must evaluate the actions of all parties to the accident to assign blame. According to Oklahoma Statutes §23-13, courts must consider comparative negligence when determining recoverable damages.

In most cases, defendants might argue that a plaintiff’s actions contributed to causing the accident in question. For example, a trucker may argue that the plaintiff lingered in their blind spot, not allowing the trucker to see them. They may also or alternatively claim that the training car was tailgating, not allowing the defendant to see them and not giving the plaintiff enough time to stop in an emergency.

If a defendant successfully makes these claims, the court may reduce the award to the plaintiff by the percentage of blame the plaintiff is found to bear. If that percentage rises above 50 percent, the court would almost always dismiss the claim. A blind spot truck accident lawyer in Midwest City could work on a plaintiff’s behalf to prove that a trucker was the primarily liable party for a collision.

Call a Midwest City Blind Spot Truck Accident Attorney for Help

Blind spots commonly cause collisions between large commercial vehicles and other passenger cars. The resulting collision could leave you with devastating losses, including astronomical medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

You might recover compensation for these losses if you prove that another person was liable for the incident. However, proving this could be difficult if a trucker alleges you were lingering in their blind spot.

A truck accident attorney may be able to help you to pursue your claim. They could also handle every portion of the case to allow you to focus on making your best recovery. Contact a Midwest City blind spot truck accident lawyer today to discuss your options.


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